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Water will significantly brake fluid at the intervals specified in lower the boiling point of the fluid the NOTE after the periodic mainte- and may result in vapor lock.Power is provided by a 4-Stroke, 998cc, Liquid cooled, DOHC.

If the engine overheats again, have a The coolant level Yamaha dealer check and repair the cooling system. is OK. NOTE: If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is changed to the recommended coolant as soon as possible.Google Book Official Yamaha Fzs1000 N 2001 Service Manual Summary Ebook Pdf: Yamaha Fzs1000 N 2001 Service Manual view and download yamaha fzs1000n 2001 service.View schematic and purchase parts for the ELECTRICAL 1 on a 2001 FZ1 - FZS1000N Yamaha Motorcycle.Thoroughly lubricate the drive The drive chain must be cleaned and side of the swingarm, make sure that chain with a special O-ring chain lubricated at the intervals specified in both chain pullers are in the same posi-.The motorcycle should not be ridden until checked by a Yamaha dealer.

2001 FZ1 - FZS1000N Yamaha Motorcycle ELECTRICAL 1 Diagram

Verified Book Library Yamaha Fzs1000 Fzs1000n 2002 Repair Service Manual Summary: File 58,60MB Yamaha Fzs1000 Fzs1000n 2002 Repair Service Manual PDF Format.PDF Book Library Yamaha Fzs1000 2001 Service Manuals Summary PDF Book: Yamaha Fzs1000 2001 Service Manuals view and download yamaha fzs1000n 2001 service manual.Page 80: Checking The Front And Rear Brake Pads, Checking The Brake Fluid Level.CONSUMER INFORMATION Maintenance Date of Servicing dealer Mileage Remarks interval service name and address 28,000 mi (43,000 km) or 42 months 32,000 mi (49,000 km) or 48 months 36,000 mi (55,000 km) or 54 months 40,000 mi (61,000 km) or 60 months.

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU00472 General maintenance and lubrication chart INITIAL ODOMETER READINGS 600 mi 4,000 mi 8,000 mi 12,000 mi 16,000 mi 20,000 mi ITEM ROUTINE (1,000 km) (7,000 km) (13,000 km) (19,000 km) (25,000 km) (31,000 km) 1 month 6 months 12 months.

Yamaha Fzs1000 Fzs1000n 2001 Repair Service Manuals PDF

yamaha fzs1000 fzs1000n 2000 2005 repair service manual

yamaha fzs1000 fzs1000n 2000 repair service by Masuda Shunya

Instead, have a Yamaha dealer check the motorcycle. 3. Check each spark plug for elec- trode erosion and excessive car- bon or other deposits, and replace 1.

Page 54: Periodic Maintenance Chart For The Emission Control System.If the EXUP system does not op- will result in poor damping per- erate, have a Yamaha dealer formance. check it. Always have a Yamaha dealer service the shock absorber.

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EW000114 WARNING If the centerstand or sidestand does not move up and down smoothly, have a Yamaha dealer check or re- pair it. 6-34.The design and manufacture of this Yamaha motorcycle fully comply with the emis- sions standards for clean air applicable at the date of manufacture.

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Vehicle identification number. 9-1 Model label.9-2 Reporting safety defects.9-3 Motorcycle noise regulation. 9-4 Maintenance record.9-5 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION, U.S.A. STREET AND ENDURO MOTORCYCLE LIMITED WARRANTY. 9-7 YAMAHA EXTENDED SERVICE (Y.E.S.). 9-9.PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR NOTE: If you do not have the tools or experi- ence required for a particular job, have a Yamaha dealer perform it for you.M OTORCYCLE CARE AND STORAGE EAU03426 Care Before cleaning Cleaning 1.

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Use extreme caution when selecting and installing any accessories.EC000053 CAUTION: Keep the engine speed out of the tachometer red zone.PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR 1. Panel A 1. Panel C 2.MOTORCYCLE CARE AND STORAGE ECA00012 After cleaning EWA00001 CAUTION: WARNING 1.The engine and exhaust system may be hot, therefore, park the motorcycle in a place where pe- destrians or children are not likely to touch these hot areas. b. Do not park the motorcycle on a slope or soft ground, otherwise it may fall over. c.

In addition, the cool- or remains on, immediately turn the ant must be changed at the intervals engine off and have a Yamaha deal- specified in the periodic maintenance er check the vehicle. and lubrication chart.P download and read yamaha fzs1000 fzs1000n 2004 repair service manual new edition the spirit of the upanishads the story of abraham lincoln the royal forests of.Clean the air filter element more fre- quently if you are riding in unusually wet or dusty areas.Check the battery. 4. Battery The engine turns over The battery is good.

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PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU03958 To change the coolant 1.If check the antifreeze content of coolant is leaking, have a Yamaha the coolant as soon as possible, dealer check the cooling system. otherwise the effectiveness of 13.The model label is affixed to the frame under the seat. (See page 3-10 for seat removal and installation procedures.) Record the information on this label in the space provided.

Consult a Yamaha dealer re- blocked and performance will The transmission is in the neutral garding any control or function suffer.THESE SERVICES REQUIRE you in the performance of preventive SPECIALIZED DATA, KNOWLEDGE, maintenance and minor repairs.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Brand-new tires can have a rela- Always make sure that the valve tively poor grip on certain road caps are securely installed to surfaces until they have been prevent air pressure leakage.Find great deals on eBay for yamaha fzs1000 fazer and yamaha 1000 fazer.Dry the motorcycle with a chamois Do not use warm water since it in- Make sure that there is no oil or or an absorbing cloth. wax on the brakes or tires.Helmet holder 2. Unlock. 2. Seat holder 2. Unlock. To install the seat EAU03956 EAU00261 Seat Helmet holder 1.Accessories fitted to the handlebar or the front fork area can create instability due to improper weight distribution or aerodynamic changes.

Do not touch the glass part of the headlight bulb to keep it free.

yamaha fzs1000 fzs1000n 2002 repair service m by Kimiho Ueda

I get it serviced regularly at the Yamaha workshop once every 5k km and apart from the regular consumables.Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your motorcycle and this manual.

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Place the motorcycle on the cen- terstand and let the engine cool if necessary. 2. Remove panel B. (See page 6-9 for panel removal and installation procedures.) 1. Coolant drain bolt 1.Distance between brake lever and handlebar Fuel tank cap The brake pedal is on the right side of grip the motorcycle.Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality.EW000063 WARNING Modifications approved Yamaha may cause loss of perfor- mance and render the vehicle unsafe for use.

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU00471 Periodic maintenance chart for the emission control system CP-03E INITIAL ODOMETER READINGS 600 mi 4,000 mi 8,000 mi 12,000 mi 16,000 mi 20,000 mi ITEM ROUTINE (1,000 km) (7,000 km) (13,000 km) (19,000 km) (25,000 km) (31,000 km) 1 month.In fact, many operators who have been involved in accidents do not even have a current motorcycle license. a. Make sure that you are qualified and that you only lend your motorcycle to other qualified operators.Modifications Modifications made to this motorcycle not approved by Yamaha, or the removal of original equipment, may render the motorcycle unsafe for use and may cause severe personal injury.

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Yamaha Fzs1000 Fzs1000n 2000 2005 Repair Service Manual Document about Yamaha Fzs1000 Fzs1000n 2000 2005 Repair Service Manual is available on print and digital edition.In addition, the oil several minutes, and then turn it must be changed and the oil filter car- off.Title: yamaha fzs1000 fzs1000n 2000 2005 service r by Kaneko Yoichi Author: Kaneko Yoichi Subject: yamaha fzs1000 fzs1000n 2000 2005 service repair manual.Page 23: Instrument And Control Functions, Indicator And Warning Lights.To prevent this from occurring, the valve clearance must be adjusted by a Yamaha dealer at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart. a. Throttle cable free play.

Yamaha Fzs 1000 N 2001 Service Manuals Epub Book

Spark plug gap If a torque wrench is not available when installing a spark plug, a good estimate To install a spark plug EAU01796.EC000098 CAUTION: If any damage is found or the front fork does not operate smoothly, have a Yamaha dealer check or re- pair it. 6-35.

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